Welcome to Dereham & Wymondham Kuk Sool Won


We run two of the largest, longest running, local clubs in the area, achieving high standards and success both nationally and internationally. 


Our objectives are to help improve your health, fitness, confidence, self-discipline, co-ordination and most of all,  for you to have fun. 

Instruction is given by highly qualified male and female Black Belt Instructors who are DBS police checked.


Care is taken to ensure safety and progress of each student whilst progress is made at your own pace according to your ability.

Little Dragons
Children having fun
Cadet Classes
Children doing martial arts
The Rise of Kuk Sool Won

The three branches of traditional Korean martial arts were organized to form a single system,  Kuk Sool Won in 1958 by In Hyuk Suh. Kuk Sool Won began spreading out of Korea in 1973 where it was established in the USA. In 1974 Grandmaster In Hyuk Suh emigrated to the USA and in 1975 the World Kuk Sool Association (WKSA) was established. Also in that same year, schools were established in Canada and Great Britain.

The organization now boasts over 1.3 million members with over 800 schools in 27 countries.

Adult Classes
Adults practicing martial arts

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